Matt McVeigh - The Ideas Man

Matt McVeigh is a contemporary visual artist & designer. Skilled in several branches of visual arts, he has created striking and original production design work for many stage productions and innovative community art projects.

Matt graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts 2008, majoring in Design for Live Performance. Since graduating he has been commissioned in the capacity of sculptor, painter, community artist, puppet, set, costume and event designer for various clients. Most recently he created a large ephemeral public art piece, a 4 metre long ice sculpture as well as a number of kinetic wind sculptures.

Matt has also worked across Western Australia mainly in remote areas, as a community artists creating context- responsive and socially engaged projects. He is interested in working with communities to overcome traditional divisions between art, performance and production with spectators through art projects that involve community participation.

His visual art practice is best described somewhere between pop and conceptual art. Matt's practice explores contemporary obsessions with issues such as race, media, social status, commerce etc. His art often questions the primacy of structure and agency in human behaviour.