starry everywhen

2017, 1470 x 1180cm, automotive paint on acrylic

Collection of The Holmes à Court Collection

Starry Everywhen

Gestalten shadows of nebular darkness

Dance in darksparkles when nights upon us

Summer air inhabits lungs

There are Songlines sung still in Mother’s tongue

My heritage of Leylines have faded like dying embers,

But the stars keep flickering above

Keepers of the times of states, beckoning

          What has been forgot of this southern land is better than what the Whiteman remembers

Birak is my favourite season

The first summer in December

My consciousness is starting to see things differently

                                                                              Un-Euro-centrically Acknowledging the country I was born on has the deepest of Spirituality

Beyond maps, language and linear time

A Lore written amongst the Stars

Dark Emu Skies

Knowledge what heights you Rise

Reduced to A (His)tory of White Lies

Man is Land,

Hematite of Land,

Hematies in Man,

Flowing through my left hand

From an exploding star

The right hand from another

Boodja, Djinda, Ngarngk (Mother)

I’m a Wadjela from the Boodja Southern West

And a Gudiya when travelling Northern guest

On countries with stories of great southern skies

Everywhen filling my changing eyes

Infinite time can be nothing but wise

My mind compliance

Trying to connect with a scienceofbeing with one with infinite silence

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Visual Artist, Designer + Educator


I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. I pay my respects to them and their cultures; and to elders both past and present.
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